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Students $3.00 - Under 6 FREE


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WACO Airfield N820WF "SUNNY" (Yellow) Biplane Rides




This 2004 WACO Classic, and another identical YMF-5C, were sent to Japan. The first one was for the filming of a Japanese movie; this one was then sold to a private pilot. In 2013, an individual in South Africa purchased the bright yellow beauty and it was once again crated and back on a ship for delivery. Though very well maintained, this aircraft had only seen 382 hours of flight time before it returned to Battle Creek, MI, once again to find a new home. Some tease that it had spent more time on a ship than in the air.  In the meantime, after having visited the WACO Air Museum, Jordan Jaffe and his father, Doug Jaffe, had fallen in love with this classic bi-plane, representative of the golden age of aviation. So much so, that these Austin, Texas residents immediately went to Battle Creek for a visit, laying eyes on this bird for the first time. Needing a new U.S. identification number, the Jaffes were able to request N820WF to correspond with the elevation of 820 feet above sea level at WACO Field.


After having seen the mission of the WACO Air Museum and Aviation Learning Center, Jordan and Doug Jaffe decided to surprise the WACO Historical Society with the gift of N820WF at the 2016 WACO Fly-In, when the plane affectionately received the nick name “Sunny.” This day will long be remembered for the Jaffe’s surprise visit and the announcement of their donation of N820WF to WACO Air Museum. Sunny is now used for flights and training by the WACO Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center.


Flight Data:

-Each purchased flight is 30 minutes in duration and can hold 2 people-

-You can schedule your flight by calling 937-335-9226-

-Total cost for flight is $300 plus tax (for 1 or 2 people)-


In addition to being a passenger in this aircraft, Sunny is available for flight instruction as well.

Please call 937-335-9226 for more information.


Rides are always weather permitting and pilot availability. Call ahead to schedule...937-335-9226.

  • How many people does it hold?

    Three, the pilot sits in back and there will be 2 passengers up front.

  • What is the age limit?

    Four or five is the youngest. There is no upper limit as long as you can get into the plane by yourself.

  • What should I wear?

     It's very breezy (hats aren't recommended). Anyone with long hair may want to tie it back. It is also noisy & you may want ear protection. We have ear plugs for sale.

  • How long does the flight last?

    Total flying time is about 30 minutes.

  • When can I fly?

    Please call ahead to schedule.

  • How can I get a gift certificate?

    a) You can stop by during business hours

    b) Call 937-335-9226

    c) Can be purchased on line.

  • Can I bring my camera?

    YES, take all the pictures you want from your birds-eye view. You just want to have a strap or be sure to hold the camera securely.  We also sell a DVD of your flight as a souvenir.


Frequently Asked Questions

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