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Heading to the WORLD Championships!

April 21st thru April 25th, 2015

USFirst FTC (First Tech Challenge) Robotics Team 5140: WACO Aerobotics competed in the Ohio State Championship on February 15th in Cincinnati, OH. There were 28 teams from Ohio and surrounding states present to compete for one of six spots to go onto the Super-Regional in Iowa City, IA April 3rd thru 5th. The team has been meeting several times per week since the first of September to prepare for this event. The team had to qualify for advancement from other Ohio regional events in Columbus and Dayton before advancing to the state level.


It was a rough start to the tournament as there were multiple connection issues with the fields and the robots. This caused many matches to be re-played and timely delays occurred throughout the day. We ran our first of five rounds and our alliance partner struggled quite a bit and we lost our first match. This was kind of a discouraging way to start the day and were ranked 23rd after the first round.


Our team came back, regrouped, and went into round 2 where we were able to secure a win, putting the team’s spirits back on a positive track. Our third round, we were paired with BSOD (BlueScreenOfDeath), a team which beat us in the finals of a previous tournament. For our autonomous, the two rear drive motors did not get enabled and the two front motors had to do all the work and slowed us down. This caused our robot to miss the IR block by about an inch. We lost 40 points right off and the robot was sluggish the rest of the round, but we kept our cool and drove our best with what we had, to win the round. Excited by this winning round with a less than perfect bot, we moved on to round 4. This was with an old friend, the Quantum barracudas. Because of field delays, errors, and disconnects, we ended up waiting for an hour for our match to start. During this delay we joked about different ways the playing field could be destroyed, just to pass the time. Then, to our horror, the Barracudas ran the wrong program for autonomous period and our robot got offset, turning to face the ramp. Our robot then started plowing forward, taking the ramp/bar assembly and both opponent robots with it for a joyride of 2-3 feet. Thanks to our stall detection software, we were able to continue to teleop period without any burned out motors. Our arm had been disabled due to the destruction of the field but we could still raise the flag (35 points) and score blocks in the low goal winning yet another match by a mere 20 points. Our fifth and final matchup was with Cougar Robotics, a high scoring team. We felt pretty confident. Everything went smoothly until we realized we were scoring more blocks than them, upsetting the pendulum balance. We did not get the bonus points that round but did still manage to win it, leaving us with only one lost match during qualifiers.


This ended the qualifying matches and we were ranked 3rd over all. What an improvement throughout the day.


Next, the top 4 teams chose 2 teams each to join them on their alliance for the elimination matches.


Our team, WACO Aerobotics, first picked team 4530 Infinite Resistance from Cincinnati, Ohio, and their second was team 5501 USS Enterprise from Van Wert, Ohio. Both of these teams were selected based on their compatibility with the Waco team’s robot.


Our alliance competed very well and won the first 2 matches in a best of 3 during the semi-finals. We then advanced to the finals against the number one seed alliance of team 2818,4251,and 6133. WACO Aerobotics and Infinite Resistance took the first match of the finals and in a close match came away with the win 334-285. WACO then teamed up with USS Enterprise in the 2nd round of the finals. If we win, then our alliance takes the championship and we head to Iowa for a chance to compete for a spot at the World Championships in St. Louis. The crowd was on their feet and cheering for all teams. It was extremely close and we came away with the win by only 4 points with a score of 286-282. This was equivalent to one cube in a basket. Wow that was a great match!


The team did a fantastic job in keeping their spirits up and overcoming adversity. It has been a season full of ups and downs but thanks to our Alliance of Infinite Resistance and USS Enterprise; we were able to come out on top! Congratulations to the Team and Coaches and thanks to all of the sponsors and parents for all of their help in getting us to the next level!


Waco Aerobotics is sponsored by the Waco Historical Society and Museum located in Troy, Ohio. They are a non-profit organization that reaches out the students in the surrounding community to encourage STEM education. The team was also supported so far this season by a few local businesses in the area. These organizations shared their knowledge and expertise with the students ranging from laser cutting of metal and plastic, to 3D Cad Design and Printing. The team would like to thank Waco, 3D Vision Technologies, Champion Laser, Wright State University, and Edison State Community College for their encouragement and support.



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