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WACO Airfield Scheduled RED Biplane Rides




A WACO airplane ride makes a great gift - enjoy an exhilarating ride over Troy.

Cost is $100.00 per person. A gift certificate can be purchased online and it will be mailed to you. Or you can purchase day of in the Gift Shop.


You can now purchase a video of your flight!   $45 will preserve your experience for a lifetime.



-Each purchased flight is 12 minutes in duration-

-Scheduled flight days are listed below-

-The cost, plus tax, is per person-

(If you purchase a single ticket, you will be paired with another rider on your flight)

-For only $45 extra, you can purchase a video of your flight-


Here's a bit of information about our pilot, Steve Koch:

     I was five years old when I took my first plane ride. I remember that like it was last year, but it was actually in 1959. I thought that was just the coolest thing in the world and couldn’t wait to be old enough to be a pilot. I worked in a gas station pumping gas (that was long before self serve) earning money for flying lessons when I was a teenager. When I was 18 years old I had obtained my commercial pilot license, instrument, multi engine,  and flight instructor ratings. I was teaching people how to fly at 18 years old, began flying charters and cargo for a part 135 operator, then did corporate flying for the next few decades. With aviation being such a big part of my life, I had the desire to share my passion for flying with others and to use my skills as an aviator to serve God and the community. In March 2004 Classic Biplane Tours was established, conducting 375 flights the first season, far exceeding our expectations. I have been a volunteer missionary pilot at Agape Flights, based in Venice FL. For the past 10 years. We fly critical need supplies to missionaries in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba, utilizing an Embraer twin turboprop aircraft.  We also do disaster relief flights following hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Classic Biplane tours has made it possible to support local charities with fundraising, entertainment for special needs people, to support my missionary work in the Caribbean countries, and to just provide the best experience possible for our customers. We have flown over 15,000 passengers in our Waco YMF-5 aircraft. I am most grateful to the team that has assisted me over the years. My son CJ, and Curt Rausch who have been auxiliary pilots, and Billy Ladd who has relentlessly maintained this aircraft in a meticulous manner. There is no substitute for high quality maintenance, and I'm proud to say we have a perfect safety record, and have had a minuscule amount of “no go” flights due to maintenance issues.


The scheduled rides for 2018 are:


           1) June 2nd & 3rd                            2) July 14th & 15th                          3) August 24-26                           4) September 14-16


Rides are always weather permitting. Call the day of to check on flight status.

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